Meet Estonia at Latitude59: Muse of the digital forest

At this year’s Latitude59, Invest Estonia invites us on a fully digital journey into the wilderness of forEST, with the quest to meet the Muse – Estonia. See you at the Meet Estonia area at Latitude59 2023, or on a path through the digital forest! Scene 1 – finding the Muse Inspired by an idea […]

30 years of Hedman & 10 years of startup advisory

“How do you measure, measure a year?In daylights, in sunsetsIn midnights, in cups of coffeeIn inches, in milesIn laughter, in strifeIn five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutesHow do you measure a year in the life?” – sing the original Broadway cast of Rent. For Hedman Law Firm, this year is not just about reaching […]

The European Investment Bank Group backing the stars of Europe

Space permeates our everyday lives: its technologies, its research, its advances, its infinite possibilities. Data collected in space is the key to taking care of our planet, so we can be more connected, efficient, digitalised and green than ever before. With the space industry projected to grow in the next decades, the European Investment Bank […]

LHV Bank: A Steadfast Ally for Fintech Startups

As an innovative bank that’s dedicated to boosting the fintech sector, LHV is a very welcome member to Latitude59’s family of partners and sponsors. What have they been up to and what’s in the plans? Read on and step into LHV’s breezy outdoors lounge at Latitude59 2023 to find out! What does it mean to […]

Matchmaking Magic: Mastering Investor Meetings at Latitude59

Karma Ventures has put together some tips to help you nail the matchmaking game and navigate the world of investor meetings. Whether you’re a seasoned conference participant or a first-timer, being active on the matchmaking app can prove to be the most beneficial part of the whole conference experience (read on to find out why Avery Schrader, […]

E-Residency Brings Foreign Founders Closer to Estonia

Estonia’s pioneering e-Residency program is always looking for new ways to enhance the experience for Estonia’s e-residents. And in late May, that’s just what they’re doing! Here’s a guide to e-Residency’s free satellite events for the startup conference Latitude59: an e-Residency Study Trip expressly created for e-resident founders, a Pitch Workshop, and the annual e-Residency […]

Exploring the Italian Startup Ecosystem at Latitude59

The ICE-Italian Trade Promotion Agency is a government organization that promotes the internationalization of Italian companies. At Latitude59 2023, they are excited to showcase some of the most innovative Italian startups that are seeking to expand into the Nordic market and to serve as a bridge for Nordic companies looking to connect with Italy. Italy’s startup […]

5 reasons every startup should consider Asia

It’s no news that Asia is a significant market – it’s big, it’s impactful, it’s advanced. Will it open doors for you and your company? In this guest post, Enterprise Estonia and their Asia-focused team brings out 5 main reasons to look towards east. Got more questions? Step into the Entreprise Estonia’s booth at Latitude59 to […]

Be Bold. Build New Nordic Bridges for New Talent.

Want to be a part of an ecosystem that offers a globally proliferate environment for top talents in the tech industry? Do you want to exchange ideas with other stakeholders from Estonia, Finland, and Sweden on regional development and collaboration models? Then join the Nordic Tech Valley Talks opening session in Proto Avastustehas on May […]

CoinsPaid x Latitude59: Get Your Conference Ticket With A Crypto Payment

CoinsPaid, an ecosystem of business solutions for smooth integration of crypto with a leading global cryptocurrency payment processor, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Latitude59, the most international tech and startup conference of Estonia. Through this collaboration, attendees of Latitude59 can now purchase tickets to the conference using cryptocurrency. “We are excited to be […]