VCs who attended Latitude59 2020

Just some of the 60+ VC’s who attended Latitude59 2020: 3TS Capital Partners Austria Speedinvest Austria ArcTern Ventures Canada byFounders Denmark Alesco Ventures Estonia Buildit Estonia Karma VC Estonia Lemonade Stand Estonia SmartCap Estonia Spring Capital Estonia Superangel Estonia Startup Wise Guys Estonia Technopolis Ülemiste Estonia Tera Ventures Estonia Trind Ventures Estonia United Angels Estonia […]

VNTRS enters the Estonian startup ecosystem with an innovative startup studio concept

Everyone who works at VNTRS – developers, data scientists, growth hackers, and fundraisers, owns a part of the equity fund by investing their salary in the investment fund. This is a great opportunity to get involved in investments, share risks and this also means that they are in the same boat as founders & startups – they want them to succeed as much as they do.

Invest Estonia presents you the 19 naked truths about business in Estonia

Invest Estonia encourages everyone to adopt a ‘sauna state of mind’ at this year’s Latitude59. Let’s cut through the hype, open up about taboo subjects, and uncover the naked truths, including how Skype really wasn’t founded by Estonians. Our Investor Sauna is already warmed up for you!

VCs attending Latitude59

This year’s Latitude59 is taking its focus on startup-investor relations even further. We are excited to announce the first confirmed list of VCs waiting for you at L59. 

Here’s how we found our first 3 investors at Latitude59

Last year Latitude59 brought together nearly 700 investors and the startups, each in the hunt to close a deal and build a proper unicorn. However, only a few teams are lucky enough to foster relationships that become truly impactful in the future. We were one of them. Story from Avery Schrader, Founder and CEO of Modash.

APAC Investments and opportunities for Estonian startups

DeltaHeroes, Startup Estonia and Latitude59 are inviting you to the panel on the topic of APAC Investments and Opportunities for Estonian startups. It is a great chance to meet with the speakers from the global Startup City Fukuoka (Japan), India-based incubator and venture capital fund NordicNinja.