TransferWise Pitch Competition

Some of the most promising startups will join for a TransferWise pitch Competition organised by Startup Wise Guys. Seven selected startups will competing for prizes for the early and seed stage. Seed stage prizes include equity free 10,000 euros by TransferWise, as well as 2000 euros for legal services by Hedman Partners, exclusive invitation to CEE All Stars Demo Day and an amazing stay of 14 days in Silicon Valley. Take a look at the list of the promising startups joining the competition.


Tebo is a marketplace for education content. Teachers can find resources, such as slides, quizzes, worksheets for their classes or make money when sharing their own. The startup has signed up 33% of Estonian teachers and validated the business model of selling to schools and are now searching for new markets. Tebo was selected as one of the  top 4 Estonian early stage startups by top business angels


WiDE is software which generates digital model of assistive device combining pre-defined digital design of the device and a 3D scan of a patient. WiDE is a prosthetic digital customisation software tailored for medical specialists. It is an easy to use tool even with no knowledge of conventional 3D modelling. WiDE has automated several processes including 3D scan analysis, auto-positioning, automatic fitting and device disassembly for 3D printing, giving specialists time for serving more clients or concentrating on more difficult cases.


The vision of the startup is to build the most robust behavioral database of live events´ fans worldwide. It acts as a central repository of attendee rich data profiles that can be leveraged by promoters, artists and brands. In the backdrop of live events industry digitization, a value-adding way to capture and build out profiles for a scalable and actionable fans database is to first bring festivals & events to mobile. Already 3 billion smartphones are changing habits of fans and expectations of live events. The startup has launched a platform SaaS solution to adopt novel and smarter mobile technologies, gain new revenues and actionable analytics.


Founders of Triggmine have redefined the common email marketing idea. Instead of uploading and updating tiresome subscribers lists in order to send emails, they have created a solution with a real-time data capture and segmentation. Now instead of managing lists, eCommerce marketers can focus on customer acquisition and brand awareness.


Nowescape provides easy booking experience to people who want to book reality games. It aslo provides additional sales to reality games businesses. The startup receives a commision (revenue) for each booking they have. It provides easy booking experience to those, who want to book reality games. is the easiest 3D design app on mobile platforms and webs. 3D printing hype in startups is over, but they are just starting to reach schools. VR/AR are coming, 3D animations are long here and the startup wants to ensure that children could have their say in all of them. They are now working together with San Diego school district to create the first design thinking curriculum for elementary schools.


There are dozens of bloggers, forums or comparison websites that seek to compare Peer-to-Peer lending platforms. However, their goal is to sell traffic to Peer-to-Peer lending platforms, not to transform the market and the way people invest. Welltrado believes that only full transparency can help the market grow faster. As for now, most of the investors see Peer-to-Peer lending market as a short term & risky investment, as well as not the main source of their passive income. Welltrado seeks to change the status quo by aggregating data from Peer-to-Peer lending platforms and revealing them to investors.

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